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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I'm not feeling well at the moment, I might get coryza (common cold). Been having runny nose, sore throat and pyrexia (high temperature) since Monday night. Might get the viral infection from one of the patients who I took their medical history on Monday. Yesterday, I wasn't sure if it was coryza or because I was just so tired with the ward round but since I keep sneezing last night, confirm the fact that I got coryza which is usually caused by either Rhinovirus or Coronavirus in which they attack the lining of the nose and throat. Not going for class in hospital tomorrow because I'm afraid of infecting the patients in the ward and going to the clinic to get prescription for antiviral or perhaps anti-inflammatory for the nose congestion. Been taking aspirin and Vitamin C but they just relieving the symptoms of fever, not more than that, hope the condition will go away in a few days time.


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