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Saturday, April 08, 2006

F1 Car for the Road

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The Freestream T1 is ultra lightweight 2-seater with wind-tunnel aerodynamics, a composite construction, a 480bhp 2.4-litre V8 and one of the lightest weights of any road car in existence - just 465kg. Built by a team of engineers who were part of the elite team that designed and developed the iconic McLaren F1, the T1's 1,000bhp/tonne power-to-weight ratio will offer 3g cornering, and braking and acceleration performance approaching that of a Formula One car. Though it could well be the ultimate track day car, the T1 will be road registerable and is expected to cost in the vicinity of £150,000 when it goes on sale later this year.


Blogger Merritt said...

God, yu're really into this car stuff, ain't ya? I can only tell 'em apart by colour LOL.

11:46 p.m.


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