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Monday, September 03, 2007

My Ranking Of Gadgets

1) Pendrive (No substitute for it, floppy disc drivers are no longer exist and computers are now easily accessible. Even if you have your own computer, you still need a pendrive. Mobile phone can't substitute its function because it's better to carry a pendrive around than a USB cable)
2) Mobile Phone (You need this so that people can contact you if there's an emergency and its mulmimedia functions make it powerful)
3) Laptop (I choose this over desktop computer because you can now find wireless internet almost everywhere now and internet now seems like a necessity and the price of laptops now are just a couple of hundreds Euros more than desktop computers)
4) TV (We do need this to keep in touch with the world, it's cheaper than a laptop with TV tuner and can be connected with satellite television, dvd player and game console)
5) Portable game console (because laptop is heavy to carry around and games in the mobile phones are crap)
Not in the ranking are alarm clocks, MP3 players, FM radios, camcorders, satellite television, cameras, PDAs and DVD players.


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