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Saturday, October 13, 2007

My Review Of The iPhone

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I had a chance to play with my friend's iPhone that she got it in New York. I have to say that it is an impressive gadget that worths all the hype. However, it's lacking some basic functions of a phone such as MP camera, camcorder and a Microsoft Office viewer. To me, it's more of a small computer with a phone function, I still need a gadget that makes me feel like I'm holding a phone. It is an excellent web browser with YouTube, weather, mail and maps built-in but without wi-fi connection around, it's pretty much useless. However, the screen is huge and it is amazing, although i wish they get rid of the areas above and below the screen because it makes it look big. Also, it is not bulky and lightweight and the on screen QWERTY keyboard is excellent, believe me on this. All in all, I'd go for the iPod Touch because I need a phone that feels like a phone, my Prada phone did a really good job on that.


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