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Sunday, November 04, 2007

LG Touch

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Designer Yeop Kim has dreamed up what he thinks s the best LG cell phone to date, the LG Touch. He claims that this is an all-in-one wonder and it'll satisfy all of your mobile messaging and entertainment needs.
You see, at its core, the LG Touch borrows much of its styling from the original LG Prada, but it adds in the revolutionary multi-touch display found on the Apple iPhone. This lets users "control LG Touch with just a tap, flick, or pinch of their fingers." What's more, the charging cradle has a touch-sensitive QWERTY keyboard for "easy shopping and e-mailing."
Other features include dual LCDs, internet applications, and plenty of web browsing in quite the attractive package. Of course, the LG Touch is little more than a geek's wet dream at this point, so don't expect to find it on the streets of Seoul any time soon.


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