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Wednesday, December 15, 2004


My laptop fell off to the floor last night. Thank God it's still functioning, only the screen is broken but still can see kinda blurry image. What a great time to break down when i'm having my last exam tomorrow and really need to use it to read my notes and all :(

Friday, December 10, 2004

Coffee Drinker

I'm on caffeine most of the time throughout this exam week. And my teeth are getting yellow :( But hey who cares about my teeth when my main consent now should be my study. Anyway, I sat one anatomy paper yesterday and questions that I spotted gonna come out came out, I'm so relieved :) Still more papers to go though. Study! Study! Study!

Friday, December 03, 2004

And The Title Goes To...

I got my prediction wrong, the winner of the first Singapore Idol is Taufik and yeah I think he deserves the title because he's better than Syl in term of singing and perfomance. Congratulations to Taufik and hope you do well in the World Idol next year. Watch out for Jac, the Malaysian Idol, she is just so talented.

'Father and Son' by Ronan Keating

This Irish lad sang this song again but this time with the owner of the song, Yusuf also known as Cat Stevens. I really like the song and enjoy the origional version of the song sang by Cat Stevens.

'Father and Son' Video

Lush: Fresh Hand-made Toiletries

My friend gave me a solid shampoo that he bought from Lush as a present and after using it for a few times, I really think that the shampoo is real good, then I bought a solid soap this morning from the shop and really satisfied with the product. My other friend is also using it for a few months now and also likes the products, so I really recommend others to try the pruducts and see the result yourself :)

Lush Website

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Today's My Birthday

Believe it or not, I'm officially 22 years old now, time flies so fast. Oh ya, I'd like thanks those who wished me happy brithday. No party this year since I'm so busy with exam and all.